Aaron Rodgers Arrives at Packers Training Camp Looking Like Nicolas Cage

The hype surrounding Aaron Rodgers’ appearance at training camp for the Packers is not without reason. The quarterback has been generating hype with pop-culture inspired looks. In Season 9, he wore a shirt referenced to Kevin’s Famous Chili. In Season 9, he made an appearance on A.A.R.M. He also made an Instagram post featuring a picture of Nicolas Cage from the 1997 action movie John Wick.

Aaron Rodgers looks like Nicolas Cage in 1997’s Con Air

Apparently, the Green Bay Packers quarterback is not afraid to dress up like famous movie and television characters. During Halloween this year, Aaron Rodgers sported a costume that resembled the actor Nicolas Cage’s character in 1997’s Con Air. This also led to many memes. Some fans photo-shopped Aaron Rodgers in place of the actor in the movie’s poster, while others edited the Packers’ uploaded clip to include the music from the trailer.

Some people were confused by Aaron Rodgers’ costume, but the quarterback walked into training camp wearing the same look as Cage did in the movie. In fact, he even grew out his hair to look like the actor in “John Wick” during Halloween. However, it’s not the first time the quarterback has taken the role of a movie character. Known for dressing up in ridiculous costumes, the Green Bay Packers quarterback is a fixture on the NFL landscape.

The craze for the movie Nicolas Cage was at its height in 1997. The actor was a mega-star and starred in a series of films as a super-hero. The Packers, meanwhile, are still waiting to take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and Rodgers’ latest appearance is almost identical to Cage’s character in the 1997 film.

For Aaron Rodgers to use the movie quote, he would have to take inspiration from the character in the movie. The character in Con Air is a convict who wants to serve his sentence in prison, but must deal with the many attempts made by other prisoners to escape. While Rodgers’ character looks like Nicolas Cage in the 1997 film, he’s a lot more recognizable in the NFL.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback is hoping to lead the Green Bay Packers to a third Super Bowl title this season. After signing a record-breaking contract extension in the off-season, the star quarterback was spotted at a training facility in a costume that evoked the character played by Nicolas Cage in 1997’s “Con Air.” The team’s official Twitter account posted a picture of Rodgers stroking into the training facility, and the caption read, “Let’s do this!”

In a separate social media post, the NFL quarterback shared two photographs from his favorite movies. The first of the two was a picture of him wearing a Cameron Poe shirt from Con Air. He captioned the post: “#greatestactoroffalltime.” He also used the hashtags #dayone and “year18.” The other picture showed Aaron Rodgers in a movie jumper from The Big Lebowski, or a t-shirt from the action movie.

Aaron Rodgers dressed up as John Wick

In keeping with the theme of the upcoming season, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers arrived to training camp dressed up as the film’s action hero, John Wick. The film stars Nicolas Cage as a long-haired mercenary, and Rodgers sported a long beard and short hair. The movie is a comedy, and Rodgers quoted some lines and called Nicolas Cage the “greatest actor of all time.” And of course, the aforementioned slow-motion walk to the stadium was shot on camera.

The long-haired action hero is clearly one of Rodgers’ favorite movies. And apparently, he even sported the iconic John Wick costume for Halloween last year. It seems that Aaron Rodgers has been trying out different movie characters for years now, including Nicolas Cage and John Wick. Despite the serious image change, he may have just revealed his true inspiration in the film.

A photo of Rodgers and Nicolas Cage was shared on social media. He captioned the photo, “Put the bunny back in the box!” The actor has a history of going all out for a costume, and he has a few of them under his belt. Last year, he wore a John Wick t-shirt and The Dude sweater to arrive at Packers training camp, and he’s doing it again.

The actor also sported a John Wick mask. Aaron Rodgers’ cosplayed outfit was inspired by the movie, and the actor even grew out his hair. After all, the NFL MVP was seen in a movie inspired by a popular comic book. He also tweeted a photo of himself, and it became a viral sensation. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the actor’s costume has now been used in other media, including on TV.

Aaron Rodgers has tattoo

On the first day of the Packers’ training camp, Aaron Rodgers arrived dressed like the star of the 1997 thriller “Con Air.” A viral video caught Rodgers’ entrance and prompted numerous jokes about the quarterback’s appearance. Rodgers also had a new tattoo on his forearm featuring lions and astrological signs. While there are no official comments yet on the inspiration behind the look, internet sleuths have noted the similarity with Nicolas Cage and Blu.

Aaron Rodgers must be the center of attention at all times. That means he can’t just show up to training camp and not cause a stir. On Tuesday, he was spotted on the Packers’ official Twitter account sporting a white tank top, jeans, and a mustache. While many have questioned whether his appearance was an accurate representation of his personality, Rodgers responded on Instagram.

While many were impressed with the ‘Aaron Rodgers’ look, some fans were confused. In a white tank top, jeans, and beard, he walked into training camp looking like Nicolas Cage in the 1997 action film Con Air. The outfit had many people laughing, as the quarterback slipped his hand through his beard and dropped his bag. While some were confused, Rodgers later clarified that he was indeed going for the Con Air look.

This season, Aaron Rodgers has been creating a buzz by stepping out of the norm and dressing in an offbeat fashion. In his first day of training camp, Rodgers wore a shirt referencing Kevin’s Famous Chili and a cameo appearance from A.A.R.M. season nine. On Tuesday, Rodgers also wore an Instagram picture of Nicolas Cage from the 1997 action film.

The craze for Nicolas Cage began in 1997 with the release of Con Air. The movie followed the life of a paroled ex-convict, Cameron Poe. During his time in prison, Rodgers dressed like a hero and wore a wife-beater and jeans. In fact, fans took the idea further by editing the footage posted by the Packers to include the Con Air trailer music.

The drama surrounding Rodgers this year is much less compared to last year. He missed the preseason and training camp last year to discuss his future with the team’s brass. But he still has more power with the Packers than ever. The quarterback signed a three-year, $150.8 million contract extension with the team in March and recently said he wanted to finish his career in Green Bay.

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