The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2022 Starts July 24

Discovery Channel has announced that the first week of Shark Week 2022 is set to begin July 24. The premiere of the 25-hour new programming event will be accompanied by two blimps and a Podcast. For more information, visit If you have a Verizon Unlimited plan, the service will be included in your package for six months. To catch the premiere of “Island of the Walking Sharks,” broadcaster Forrest Galante will travel to Papua New Guinea to observe epaulette sharks.

25 hours of new programming

If you have never watched the legendary weekly television series, Shark Week will be coming back to your television on July 24. There will be 25 hours of new programming starting July 24! Among these new programs will be Monsters of the Cape, which follows shark conservationist Kinga Philipps and scientist Tristan Guttridge as they explore Tahiti and the legends surrounding massive sharks. Also new this year: Shark Week 2022 will premiere a special starring Ben Hollingsworth and a documentary about the mythology of giant sharks.

Shark Week 2022 is returning to the Discovery Channel with 25 hours of new programming, including Walking Sharks and groundbreaking findings. In addition to these original episodes, viewers can also look forward to celebrity guests like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tracy Morgan. The show will last for a week. There is no set date yet, but the premiere will be on July 24. Streaming Shark Week 2022 episodes is free and available on the Discovery Channel, Discovery+, and Amazon Prime.

Forrest Galante, the host of “Forrest Galante Show,” will host a documentary series about the new species of sharks discovered in the last several years. The series will focus on these species, which may have been misidentified or extinct. Despite their incredible size, epaulette sharks can even walk on land, making them a rare sight on television.

As for the event itself, the Shark Week event is a must-see for any fan of nature documentaries. The Discovery Channel is hosting its 34th annual Shark Week on July 24. The show is expected to feature bigger sharks and more dramatic breaches than ever. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is serving as master of ceremonies. The event will also feature over twenty hours of new programming, including shark specials and travels to exotic locations to see these creatures up close. During Shark Week, fans can even try out a virtual reality (VR) shark experience and test their knowledge of the creatures.

Two blimps

The blimps will be traveling in the sky and over water for the duration of Shark Week 2022. The blimps will be 56 feet tall and 179 feet long, and will travel at speeds of about 50 miles per hour. Fans will be encouraged to follow their locations using #WestShark to share them with the rest of the world. Fans will be able to follow their blimps using a special hashtag, #WestShark.

There are two identical shark blimps that will be circulating the country to promote the show. They will be flying over the west coast and the east coast starting July 24. The East Coast Blimp began its tour in Nashville, Tennessee and will fly over New Jersey and Georgia on July 8. On July 21, the West Shark blimp will cross the skies of the New York City and Long Island. New Yorkers can see it in action from the Hamptons.

The Discovery Channel has launched two blimps for Shark Week 2022, beginning on July 24. They want to know which coast loves Shark Week programming the most, so they will reward people who tweet or post pictures on social media. If they post a picture of a shark blimp, the network will reward them with an exclusive look at the HBO original series, House of the Dragon. It takes place about 200 years before Game of Thrones, and it will premiere Aug. 21 on HBO.

The Discovery Channel will continue to offer shark-related content on multiple networks, including Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, TBS, and ID. Additionally, Shark Week content will be shown on TBS, TNT, and the Food Network. A number of other networks are expected to broadcast Shark Week content during the week, too. While this may not be the case for every network, Shark Week will definitely be the show to watch for shark-related content.

Original programming

This year, the Discovery Channel is bringing back Shark Week 2022, a week of original programming about the ocean’s most feared predators. The sharks will be the main focus of 25 hours of programming, which will feature big and little sharks, as well as mating, migrating, and eating humans. Sharks have not changed much since dinosaurs, so the show will focus on these animals eating humans and other creatures.

In addition, new species of sharks will be featured in Forrest Galante’s “Shark Week” series. Many of these species were previously misidentified, or thought to be extinct. In addition, many of us mistakenly identify sharks in the ocean. In addition, many people have a hard time distinguishing between sharks, so this show will educate and entertain audiences alike.

As the name suggests, Shark Week returns to Discovery on July 24 at 8 p.m. ET, with twenty hours of never-before-seen footage. It will feature celebrity guests such as Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp, The Rock’s Brian Quinn, and Jackass’ cast. In addition to this, viewers will also be able to catch the cast of Jackass and comedian Tracy Morgan during the week.

The Discovery Channel is once again introducing “Shark Week 2022,” a week of shark-centric programming on Discovery Channel and Discovery+. During this new week, viewers will be treated to 25 hours of original programming, including a show about the Walking Shark of Papua New Guinea, and groundbreaking discoveries. During Shark Week 2022, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will serve as master of ceremonies.


The Discovery Channel has announced the date for Shark Week 2022. It will air on Discovery Plus on Sunday, July 24. A teaser video has been released, teasing the impractical Jokers from the upcoming season. The Impractical Jokers have been outdating each other for the last decade and now they’re ready to use their antics to raise awareness about sharks. If you’re interested in hearing what they have to say, you’ll want to check out Shark Week: The Podcast.

During Shark Week, you’ll have the chance to see some incredible new shows and documentaries. “The Great Hammerhead Stakeout” premieres at 11:00pm ET/PT on Discovery. You’ll get to see how far a shark can go before he’s killed. You can also catch a world premiere of “Monsters of the Cape” at 8:00pm ET/PT on Discovery.

To get a taste of Shark Week 2022, tune in to the Discovery Channel at 10:30pm ET/PT on Sunday, July 24. “Stranger Sharks” stars Mark Rober from Stranger Things and will take viewers on an epic adventure through manmade reefs and undersea ruins. It’s the most exciting Shark Week yet! Don’t miss this episode! There’s also a new “David Bowie” podcast. You can also hear interviews from The Rock, comedian Tracy Morgan, and more.

There’s more to the shark-week season than just the premieres. Discovery’s full schedule for Shark Week 2022 features 23 specials, totaling more than 25 hours of content. Among these are two pre-premiere specials on Discovery+, which are available to stream through your cable provider. You’ll need to login to watch them, but it’s worth it to catch some of these to get a feel for what’s coming up.


If you are a fan of sharks and would like to win some great prizes, then you can enter the Shark Week Sweepstakes that starts July 24! This contest is a great way to win a prize valued at $20,000! Just enter using the link below, and you could win this great prize! It is also a great gift idea! It is fun to win prizes that celebrate the awesomeness of sharks!

The American Red Cross and Shark Week have teamed up to give away $5,000 in SHARK WEEK merchandise. Just make sure you donate blood during July to be entered. Every donation earns you an entry into the 2022 Sweepstakes. Other prizes include a kayak, paddle board, and beach bike. And of course, every donor will receive an exclusive Shark Week t-shirt.

For more information and to enter the Shark Week Sweepstakes, visit the Discovery Channel website. Shark Week is a weeklong event in the summer, and the contest starts on July 24. The deadline to enter is July 24, and winners are drawn on July 31. In addition to the Sweepstakes, viewers can also enjoy Shark Week programming such as Jaws vs. Kraken, Pig vs. Shark, and Dawn of the Monster Mako, which follows the adventures of underwater cinematographer Joe Romiero.

Sugarfina has partnered with SHARK WEEK to give away some amazing prizes. The SHARK WEEK gummy offering includes six blueberry Baby Whale Candy Cubes, and Instagram followers can enter to win swag related to the event. Sugarfina is known for their candy, and the cute aesthetic of their products. The company has even developed a slew of exciting confections for SHARK WEEK that will have you wanting more!

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