Goodfellas Star Paul Sorvino Dies at 83

Actor and singer Paul Sorvino passed away on Monday. Best known as Paulie in the Martin Scorsese classic, “Goodfellas”, he was 83 years old. In this article, we remember Paul Sorvino’s voice, career, and our memories of him. Read on to learn more. We hope you enjoy these tributes to the actor and singer.

Paul Sorvino’s family

Goodfellas star Paul Sorvino has died. The actor and singer was 83. He was also a father and had a long list of accomplishments. He had worked as a waiter and bartender, sold cars, taught acting lessons to children, and starred in dozens of TV shows and films. He had also acted in commercials for tomato sauce and deodorant. In fact, he wrote advertising copy for nine months after the birth of his daughter Mira. He claimed the job was what gave him an ulcer.

Sorvino was born in Brooklyn, and was most famous for his role in Goodfellas. He studied acting at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and made his Broadway debut in 1964’s Bajour. He also appeared in the original Broadway production of That Champion Season, earning him a Tony nomination. He leaves behind his wife, three children, and five grandchildren. He was also a founding member of the Paul Sorvino Asthma Foundation.

Sorvino starred in over 160 films, including Beatty’s “Dick Tracy” and Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas.” In addition to Goodfellas, he appeared in 31 episodes of Dick Wolf’s “Law & Order.” He also starred in the telefilm “The Rocketeer” and directed “The Trouble With Cali” (2012). His legacy is vast, and his death will leave a void in the filmmaking world.

Born in Brooklyn, Sorvino’s family was Italian-born, and his mother was a piano teacher. He started his career on Broadway in 1964 with the musical “Bajour.” He made his film debut four years later, with the role of Paul Vario in “The Panic in Needle Park” alongside Al Pacino. The character is based on a real-life mobster named Paul Vario.

Sorvino starred in several films, including the 1972 hit “The Gambler” with James Caan. He also starred in “Romeo and Juliet” as Claire Danes’ pushy father. Sorvino was also a popular guest star in the Warren Beatty film “Reds” alongside Martin Sheen. He is survived by his son, Michael.

His career

Known to filmgoers as Paul Cicero, the mobster who appears in “Goodfellas,” Paul Sorvino has passed away at the age of 83. Born in Brooklyn, he later went on to star in Nixon, Dick Tracy, For the Love of Money, “That Championship Season,” and more. He also made a splash on Broadway.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Sorvino grew up in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn. As a child, he was musically inclined and attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. His interest in theater blossomed early and he made his Broadway debut in 1964’s Bajour. His film debut came in 1970’s Where’s Poppa? with Warren Beatty.

While most people will remember Sorvino for his role as a gangster in “Goodfellas,” he also had passions for opera, painting, and poetry. Born in Brooklyn, he attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. He originally wanted to be an opera singer, but decided to turn to acting after he was rejected for the role. Despite his success on screen, he was also dedicated to raising awareness for the plight of children with asthma. His wife Mira and children Michael and Amanda Sorvino both worked in different projects, including the director of the 2012 film “The Trouble With Cali.”

Sorvino had many notable roles in films. He played Italian communist Louis Fraina in Warren Beatty’s “Reds” and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in Oliver Stone’s “Nixon,” earning a Screen Actors Guild nomination for his performance. In addition to his work in “Goodfellas,” Sorvino starred in movies like A Touch of Class and Slow Dancing in the Big City.

His voice

The voice of Paul Sorvino has long been a coveted part of Hollywood’s gangster movies. With more than 160 acting credits, Sorvino’s impressive list of film roles includes The Gambler, Romeo + Juliet, Moonlighting, Nixon, and Goodfellas. Sorvino’s voice is recognizable because of his many recurring roles in such movies as the 1970s classic Goodfellas, the telefilm Moonlighting, and the television pilot That’s Life. He also appeared in films like “Goodfellas,” where he portrayed Henry Kissinger, and in “Nixon” as the disgraced former US president. Sorvino’s acting career was also extensive, including a starring role in a season of Law & Order as NY

In addition to the role of Frank Costello in the 1970s’ Goodfellas, Sorvino also appeared in several stage productions. He portrayed the titular baker in The Baker’s Wife, as well as appearing on the cast recording of Carmelina. He also made his screen singing debut in 2003’s The Cooler. Later, he appeared in Repo! The Genetic Opera, and in both films of the Devil’s Carnival.

Sorvino’s lifelong struggle with asthma influenced his career as an actor. In addition to “Goodfellas,” Sorvino also ran a horse rescue in Pennsylvania, sculpted a bronze statue of late playwright Jason Miller, a character who is also a main character in the film. Sorvino had also starred in the Tony-winning play “That Championship Season” on Broadway in 1972. In addition to his many roles in popular films, he also lent his voice to the film adaptation of “Goodfellas.”

Sorvino was born in 1939, and studied voice for many years before making his Broadway debut. He also had a long-standing career in music, including as an opera singer. In fact, he was an accomplished pianist in his early twenties and starred and directed The Trouble With Cali, a drama set in Scranton, Pennsylvania. While Sorvino’s voice might not be the best-known among Hollywood actors, it remains one of his most distinctive aspects.

Sorvino’s voice is the perfect fit for a role in a crime drama. The actor began his acting career as a copywriter in 1964 and made his Broadway debut in “Bajour.” He later made his screen debut in Carl Reiner’s Where’s Poppa?, and subsequently played Joseph Bologna’s father in “Made For Each Other.” After “Goodfellas” came out, he starred in the critically acclaimed 1970 film, A Touch of Class.

Memories of working with him

The gangster in “Goodfellas” is one of the most memorable movie roles in recent memory for the New York native. Sorvino grew up in Brooklyn and studied acting at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. He made his Broadway debut in 1964 in Bajour and followed that up with his first major film role in Where’s Poppa?. In addition to his acting work on the big screen, Sorvino has performed as an opera singer on stages around the country.

After his successful career in movies, Sorvino went on to have a happy life with his family and friends. His wife Mira was a former Bush aide and GOP strategist. He is survived by his wife and two children. He also has five grandchildren. While he will be remembered for his role in “Goodfellas,” he was also fond of the film “Godfather of Harlem.”

After the release of “Goodfellas,” Sorvino reunited with his old castmates. “The Sopranos” alums said that it was like working with an old friend. He and Sorvino shared many laughs and fun times while filming the movie. Sorvino was a veteran actor who had more than 160 movie credits. He also starred in “Repo! The Genetic Opera” and “Nixon.” Sorvino went on to star in the television show “Law & Order: A Perfect Fit” as Henry Kissinger.

Sorvino, who has appeared in more than 20 movies, was born in Brooklyn in 1939. He went to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, where he discovered his passion for acting. He made his Broadway debut in the musical “Bajour,” and followed it up with “Bert D’Angelo, Superstar” in 1966. His acting career spanned decades, and he went on to star in numerous films, including the Oscar-winning Goodfellas.

Mira Sorvino thanked her father for his award and cried in front of the cameras. The emotional moment takes place at the 2:04 mark of the video below. If you’d like to hear more from Sorvino’s family, read this piece of biographical news: She’s the daughter of Paul Sorvino, who directed the 2012 film “The Trouble with Cali.”

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