NASCAR Disqualifies Pocono Raceway Winner Denny Hamlin

If you’ve been following NASCAR on Twitter, you know that on Sunday Denny Hamlin thought he had won the race at the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania. He thought he had won for the seventh time. But, a disqualification has made his record seventh win at the track a sham. If you’re still on the fence about the disqualification, read on.

NASCAR disqualifies Denny Hamlin

Following an investigation by NASCAR, the auto racing organization has disqualified race winner Denny Hamlin. The driver won the race at Pocono Raceway with Kyle Busch in second place. However, the race has been re-ran because Hamlin was disqualified due to violations. The car’s aerodynamics were impacted by the material that was in the front fascia. While the disqualification has not caused Hamlin to lose the race, the decision is still under appeal.

The reason for the disqualification is unclear but the cars have a lot in common. The two cars are the same model, and each uses the same parts. The rules of the sport state that a team must use the same parts. Besides disqualifying Hamlin, Joey Logano was the last Cup race winner to have a victory invalidated due to a violation. He had the right to keep his “encumbered” win, but the rule states that he couldn’t use it to gain playoff eligibility. Thus, he missed the playoffs.

Hamlin led 61 laps during the race, but was disqualified because of an incident on the first lap. This led to a caution and a side-by-side restart between Hamlin and Chastain. This restart prompted the two drivers to anticipate an on-track altercation. Kyle Busch won the race, followed by Daniel Suarez and Tyler Reddick.

The disqualification was not surprising considering that Hamlin had already won two Cup Series races at Pocono Raceway this year, and he’d been looking to surpass Jeff Gordon on the all-time win list. He’s also the co-owner of 23XI Racing, which includes former NBA player Michael Jordan. It was the first time in 62 years that a Cup race winner has been disqualified. In fact, the last time a Cup race was disqualified for over-sized fuel tanks, Joe Weatherly won the race and had a win.

After the race, the two drivers were racing for the lead, but Hamlin was behind them. Hamlin, who was battling with Kyle Busch, was second, and Chastain was third. A caution was eventually thrown out after Ryan Blaney crashed with 23 laps left in the race. On the restart, Hamlin and Chastain were side-by-side.

Kyle Busch also disqualified

The M&M’s Fan Appreciation 400 was held at Pocono Raceway, and Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch finished first and second, respectively. However, the drivers of the Joe Gibbs Racing team failed a post-race inspection, and both were disqualified. The race was rescheduled for Sunday. Chase Elliott was declared the winner, while Kyle Busch was credited with the second-place finish.

Despite the controversy surrounding the Pocono raceway, the disqualifications did not come without reason. Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin were both disqualified for violating the rules. Neither driver explained what was wrong with the car, but it’s a sad outcome. Denny Hamlin was disqualified for violating aerodynamics.

The disqualification came as a shock to the racing community. While many fans were pleased to see Chase Elliott take home the win at Pocono, others were disappointed. Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin have both apologized for the rescinded results. The resulting chaos has left fans in a tizzy.

After winning the race at Pocono, the Cup Series champion was later disqualified. The last time a Cup Series winner had his car disqualified, Joey Logano, his car failed inspection and was given a “pended” win. Because of this, he did not have enough points to earn playoff eligibility. He missed out on his chance to qualify for the playoffs.

The two drivers will have a chance to appeal their penalties. They have until noon on July 25 to appeal the disqualification. The cars will be sent to the NASCAR Research and Development Center in Concord, NC for further inspection. The first time a top-two finisher was disqualified was in April 1960 at Wilson Speedway. The reason was because of an overly large fuel tank.

While the penalties are still being reviewed, it’s still a shocking incident. Denny Hamlin was slightly in front of Ross Chastain, who was forced to take a hard racing line out of Turn 1. The aggressive move from Hamlin forced the leader to run wide, causing him to hit the outside wall and crash into the wall. The crash ended the race for both drivers, with Hamlin disqualifying the lead and the latter disqualified for the incident.

Kurt Busch tweets concussion-like symptoms

After he was stripped of the runner-up spot in today’s race, Kyle Busch tweeted that he had been diagnosed with concussion-like symptoms. Despite the disqualification, Busch finished the race strong, leading 63 laps and winning Stage 2. While the incident might have been a setback for the team, it was a morale booster for fans and the Gibbs organization. The team is still trying to negotiate a contract with Busch for next season. With Elliott now leading four races and finishing third in three others, the team is hoping to continue his hot streak in the next race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

After a late caution on Sunday, NASCAR confirmed that Kurt Busch was not cleared to race. Instead, the 23XI Racing team fielded Ty Gibbs to replace Busch. Gibbs finished the race in 18th. Denny Hamlin won the race. Busch has hinted in recent tweets that this could be his last season in NASCAR.

In other news, Kyle Busch tweeted that Denny Hamlin suffered from concussion-like symptoms after NA SCAR disqualified him from Sunday’s race. The No. 11 had led the race for 21 laps before being disqualified. The officials were busy inspecting the No. 11 after the race and found it had violated an aerodynamic rule. Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, and Kyle Busch’s car will be taken back to NASCAR’s research and development center in North Carolina.

The driver’s car sustained a blow to the head and face. Denny Hamlin spun in Turn 2 and tagged the wall. He regained some of his forward motion, but his car lost the ability to turn left. As a result, he was rammed by Kevin Harvick, who was running in the front row at the time. Chastain was knocked to the apron and was out of the race.

Kyle Busch leads the race at the start, but lost control and hit the recently-extended inside wall. As a result, the safety team assessed the damage, and Blaney exited the car to go to the hospital. He was replaced by Ty Gibbs, who finished second in yesterday’s Xfinity race. In the meantime, Bubba Wallace and Kyle Busch clinch Stage 2 after a caution.

Joe Gibbs Racing could appeal the disqualifications

A decision on whether Joe Gibbs Racing will appeal the disqualification of Denny Hamlin remains to be made. The team has until noon ET Monday to decide whether it will file the appeal. If the team loses the appeal, it could lead to further penalties and repercussions. However, NASCAR did not elaborate on the specific issues that led to the disqualification. Moreover, the team’s cars will be returned to the research center in Concord, N.C.

During Saturday’s qualifying session, Denny Hamlin was leading when he was hit by Ross Chastain. The pole-sitter was attempting to take over the lead, but Hamlin’s car hit the outside wall and lost forward motion. The wrecked car sent Chastain wide and up the track, and Hamlin’s teammate, Kevin Harvick, rammed him into the outside wall and spun him.

The race at Pocono Raceway was not canceled, but the outcome of the event has sparked an investigation. The Cup Series disqualification of Denny Hamlin was the first such case since the start of the 2019 season. In addition to Hamlin’s disqualification, Kyle Busch’s car will be credited with 36th. The race will be won by Chase Elliott, who crossed the finish line third.

The decision on whether to appeal the disqualification of Denny Hamlin follows a flurry of interviews and comments from Denny Hamlin and his teammates. The team’s managing director, Brad Moran, said it was partly a matter of the next-generation cars and the extra rules around them. The team’s car, along with the other cars, will be sent to the R&D center in North Carolina.

The new rules of the series have made it clear that the sport will take a more strict approach to race-related penalties. While Hamlin’s disqualification may seem unjust, the team’s chances of a successful appeal are greater if the team can convince the NASCAR board of that fact. The team’s decision on whether to appeal could have a profound impact on the series.

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